Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pretty long weekend

Okay, Friday night was the Splash & Dash and my goal was to simply get out of the water without looking back to see how far behind I was...did I do it or not?? What do you think? The answer is within this post :)

I felt pretty good going into the in more prepared this time. I have been going to my swim classes twice a week and of course running my @ss off so I was curious to see if my time improved...which it did!!! By about 3 minutes. I had just a little anxiety before the race though...just not knowing if Dave would be there so I was very distracted in the beginning. I kept looking around and he's so quiet that he could have been standing behind me and I wouldn't even know it. As crazy as this sounds, I always want to make him proud and I want to work hard to impress him. Both Dave and his wife Windy made it, about 10 seconds before the gun went off so I could relax and just play hard...I put a lot of focus on NOT being so delicate in the water, and he noticed my effort :) I want to share all of my personal victories with everyone who helps's a victory we all share together...I love my friends (and Buddy too)

My friend Lisa did the Splash & Dash too so the pressure was really on to give a good performance. She's a great competitor, and since we are about the same speed - trying to beat her keeps my mind focused...maybe she'll be my pacer at IM??

My step-mom went into the hospital on Saturday so I was not able to get much else done over the weekend. She's back home tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to getting back into the game. The Dr. thought she had a stroke, but since ruled it out...lots of tests...lots of hospital food - yuke!

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