Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Bike Butt"

Today is MY super Tuesday and here's why. So I signed up to volunteer for Ironman this year. Somebody told me that volunteers get to register for Ironman 2009 BEFORE the general pubic and it turns out - IT'S TRUE! Yesterday I received volunteer instructions from the woman who runs registration and I told her I could not help the day I had to stand in line to sign up for 09...you know what she said! Volunteers get to sign up the same day the racers do!!! She told me to come early and get it done, then help at the table. That means I'm in for sure and WOW - I'm really excited. Ironman is in my cards...

Dave and I went for a really cool bike ride today around Mummy Mtn. I had never heard it called that before but it's up towards Camelback and some of the roads I had been on with my women's group. We did some major climbs that I couldn't believe I was able to do! I was so proud of myself today....These were not just baby climbs either. This was some serious stuff and the crazy thing is - I didn't want to stop climbing. I felt so fresh and strong that I could have gone for another 20 mile ride.

Oh, something new to think about. You know I've been having "bike butt" chaffing where my shorts rub under my cheeks so I tried using Body Glide on my cheek creases before I left. Great stuff!!! I don't have "bike butt" today.... :) (a little visual entertainment for you)

Here is the pretty cool thing I was thinking about on my way home from Dave's. I'm really starting to notice my endurance level increase again. Sometimes it's one or two steps further then before but there are those days when I just can't believe how strong I am and how much I can take. I'm so fortunate and thankful to have Dave on my side! We've been training together 4x's a week for 6 months and he's not sick of me yet... I keep my head focused on my goal, train hard and never give up....thanks again Dave for everything you do.

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