Friday, September 12, 2008

My first road rash

Well I finally did it...I took a good spill on my bike last night and now have a nice cherry on my shoulder and hip... Which hurts worse...I'm really not sure at this point.

Rick and I headed out last night for dinner without realizing a nasty storm was coming straight for us. It was awful! I had air in my tire when we started but somewhere along the line my front tire went flat and, well, down I went. Let me tell you, ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET! I was so thankful that I did....

As quick as I was to hit the pavement, Rick was standing over me as soon as I opened my eyes. I knew I had to get out of the street, but just couldn't get up...ugh...slowing we made it and I'm so glad I was with him. We were not too far from home so Rick was at least able to go get the truck and come back for me... my hero :0

Nevertheless, Ironman training continued today with me racing against virtual Kim, (who already beat the first virtual Kim) on the Compu Trainer. Again I kicked her virtual butt. YEAH! My speed and efficiency on the bike continues to improve and I'm so happy. It's crazy to think that in one month I've improved to much...I remember when I use to hate biking and now I'm on my bike as much as I'm in my car.

Well, wish me luck tomorrow...I'm REALLY nervous and hope that my adrenaline is so high that my shoulder and hip don't disrupt my swimming. I'll blog and add photos as soon as I can.

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