Monday, September 29, 2008

It's been days!

It's been several days since I've posted but nothing really fun or new has happened. Well, except this! I got another email from the Ironman volunteer lady and it turns out that she was WRONG when she told me volunteers get to register for 09 the same day racers do. Volunteers register on Monday, the same day as the public except in a different line. So, just hope that it does not sell out before Monday. My guess is that it won't, but you never know.

Yesterday was a windy ride with my women's group. There are 18 of us who ride together and it sure is fun! We made our way up to the McDowell Mtn area and then back around town. I was determined this time to not be last the entire ride. Sometimes I get really tired of feeling like a burden and there is just one way to cure that - speed up! On our way out I was pretty sluggish and the first climb was slow but we turned a corner and I had just had enough! I pushed hard to put a few people behind me on one of the smaller hills and I was pleased not to be last again. We stopped for a water refill at a gas station where I slammed down some Shot Blocks and wow, something happened to me after that. I was going about 20 mph and on the heels of one of the fast women in the group. She and I quickly moved forward and soon could no longer see the rest of the group behind us. I went from the back of the group to the lead and it sure did feel awesome! This is the kind of rider I strive to be... What a perfect way to end a long ride :)

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