Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The tortoise and the hare

My mountain bike and I met Dave at Papago Park today for what has now become my favorite workout yet! You "Jumped the Shark" today Dave.

The plan - race Dave on my bike while he ran the entire loop at the park. TOTALLY FUN! At first I was confident I could beat him...then I started to get nervous because I don't do well on hills and Papago has some hills at the end. I knew that if I were to win I would need to get as far ahead of him quickly so I could account for the slow uphill. Well, that was the plan anyway. Like the tortoise and the hare. I was going as fast as I could and every time I turned to see where he was I couldn't believe my eyes! He was RIGHT THERE the entire time! One mistake and he'd take fact HE DID!

LOL at one point he came up behind me so fast that he startled me. It was hilarious. I was able to cut him off and jump ahead but only for a second. Once we reached the paved portion (the hills) he took me out. Okay, I had some bike issues. My back tire is missing a spoke so the tire was rubbing against my frame and my gears went out...that left me with only granny gears. By the time I made it to the downhill section I was able to catch up a little, but he beat me by several seconds.

I need to win.... I need to win by a HUGE margin in order to feel vindicated so I quickly called a rematch. My bike is now in the shop getting fixed before Gilmore but mostly for the rematch race.

Look at this really great photo I found of Dave and his wife Windy.

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Anonymous said...

Kim, Just so you know some of your old Booters here in Carlsbad have an eye on your training. YOU GO GIRL!!!!
xoxoxo Jeanne Herrick
(Misty, Kristen, Jill and I have 5 others in our M,W,F 5:15am group. We meet at the beach and we kick ass!!!!)