Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Upcoming Event

This weekend is the Splash & Dash at Tempe Town Lake and I hope that you can come. It's 1000meter swim followed by a 3k, (which I'm not really sure what that is). Should be FUN! I've spent a lot of time swimming so I'm confident in my ability to stay afloat, but I have not been practicing as much as I should these past couple of weeks. So, Dave and I hit the pool today for 20 laps aka 1000m. I felt pretty good. Speeding up in the water is something I need to work on. I seem to have a rhythm that I can't break but in order for me to improve, I need to find a way to kick it up a notch. Perhaps the pressure of this race will show me what I'm really made of. This will be my very first water competition so eekss, I'm pretty nervous! The focus is to stay calm, breath with every stroke and get it done in under 30 minutes. If I can do that I'll be pretty happy.

Can you believe that I'm also worried about what to wear to this thing! You know, I'm not one of these skinny girls who can wear short shorts and a sports bra in public. I have bOObs that don't exactly stay still without EXTRA support. So do I wear running shorts and sports bra in the water? I can't run in my swim suit so that's not an option. Ugh... that means I have to show the world my farmer tan and my extra support bra that looks like a granny bra. Ugh. And what if it's see through. What do I do???

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