Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Yes, ride your bike IN the house!

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Rick and I were lounging after a workout and crazy as he is says, do you think I can ride your bike around the whole house without putting my feet down? Now, many of my readers have been to my house and you know that you can do a circle from the dining room, down the living room steps through the hallway and bedroom yada yada and it's a perfect circle....but narrow....HILARIOUS!!! and I do recommend you try this at home, just for the laugh. Nice job Rick.

I did my second duathlon today and with much improvement from the first time around. I have some mental challenges that I need to overcome but I'm physically strong and have the endurance. I just have to remind my head of that. Sometimes the hardest discipline is the mental exercise but one I'm certainly not afraid to face head on.

Just a brief overview to reach my real story. We did the duathlon at Papago Park. Run 4 laps, bike 2 laps then run 6 laps with a fast transition right. My first 4 laps I did really great and got faster with each and the bike was fine...nothing major. The last 6 laps end up being a mental struggle for me, which leads me to the end of my story. The last lap I'm moving pretty slow at this point. Dave's objective, or course, is to help me step up my pace so this lap he runs with me...without shoes!!!!! I'm trying to keep his pace thinking to myself now I have to blog about him kicking my butt without shoes on. PASS HIM!!!! I knew that he would "bring it" once we got off the dirt and onto the pavement so I waited and tried...really pulled out all the stops to pass him and as I gasp for air, he's still right next to me. It was so much fun - now that I'm home and rested :)

I was driving home and realized that I should have taken a picture of his "running socks" (instead of running shoes - get it ;) oh well...

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