Monday, September 15, 2008

Tons o Fun

This weekend was just awesome and next weekend is looking great too!.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching Dave and his wife Windy, Butch and Loretta do the Glendale Community College triathlon and ALL of them did great. Dave and Windy were overall top finishers, Butch won 3rd in his age group and Loretta did a knockout job as well. Congrats!

It's fun for me to watch Dave race. From a student of Dave perspective, it's somewhat gratifying for me to see him physically do all the things he teaches the running. Does he bring his knees up like he yells at me to do? Does he keep his arms at 90 degrees and bring his elbows all the way back? Does he spring off his ankles?? I've seen Dave race TONS of times but the races rarely let me see him up close in action (Adventure Races are not spectator friendly) so this weekend was a good learning experience for me....

I'm pretty excited about this! I have found a swim coach that is willing to spend some one-on-one time with me. Next month I'm doing the Soma Quarterman, which is another 1000m swim and I'd like to scale back about 5 minutes on my swim. Cliff is an "Irongeezer" who owns TriRenaissance and is confident we can improve tons over the next four weeks. Should be fun.

This coming Saturday is the Gilmore Adventure Race and my team is ready! We've been mountain biking, hiking and practicing our navigation skills for many weeks and I'm just glad to finally be at the race door. I'll definitely post pictures when we finish!

I'm ready to get CRAZY!!!

(The original Jack in the Box :)

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