Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Mtn Lemon
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I set off on my bike to meet Dave at Squaw Peak....the wind was NOT on my side and I was nearly 20 minutes late!!!! Up a small section of the Peak then PUSH Dave UP the hill on his bike. Now, for whatever reason it just didn't feel the way it use to feel. Dave has either gained weight, or the wind was pushing against me...humm....which was it :0 I didn't have the energy to jog like I had before. My conclusion, my legs are just tired. I haven't had a rest day since...well....I don't know when really so perhaps my body is saying STOP! As it turns out, Dave still weighs the same too.

About that rest day. It seems like every scheduled rest day I have, which should be Thursday I fill with either bike riding or hiking and I have to stop doing that. I'm really starting to feel the need for breaks so after this weekends race I'm not doing any more bike rides or hikes on Thursdays. Swimming, yes because that's not so taxing on my body but that's it...I have to do this for my own recovery. Ugh...this won't be easy for me. I can't say no to anyone who asks so please...don't ask.

Nevertheless I met my friend L.J. for a quick Mtn bike ride after I met with Dave. We really just want to keep ourselves familiar with off road biking in preparation for this weekend. It should be fun and full of adventure. I look forward to getting this done.

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