Monday, September 22, 2008


Gilmore was a blast! Let me start off by saying that I STINK at navigating. I'm not sure if I'm just really bad or the map size totally threw me off but man, I cost my team a win and I feel really bad about that part.

We were two teams of two so Leslie and I set off feeling really groovy. The hike section was up a giant hill full of stickers but we found a really great way through this nice wash on our way down so we were happy...

We hit the bike section feeling strong and ready to roll. I'm thankful for all the teams that helped us find out way. Well, the bike section is where I really screwed up and we went UUUPPPP and down these hills for about 30 minutes in the wrong direction. What's worse is that we had to go back UUUPPP the hills another 30 minutes to get back onto the correct path. Our legs were toast by then but we pressed on at probably the slowest pace I've ever held...and it was still too fast for my tired legs. Let me tell you something.... we had to pass the TA on our way to the last bike CP and that was mentally challenging for me. I didn't want to bike anymore. I didn't want to pass the TA - I wanted to STOP in the TA! Of course we didn't stop....we finished with The Wall....

Leslie and I knew the wall was coming but up close and personal, it was a giant. We watched another team use the low crawl tube as a ladder so we did the same. However, the leap up towards the top of the wall was scary and it took me several minutes to get my nerve up. I was so tired and unsure if I could hold my weight...but I did. Why was I second guessing this when I do pull-ups at the gym with Dave ALL THE TIME! It's no different - I took a deep breath and a big leap and look at me!!! I made it!!!! Here comes my partner with no troubles at all and at that moment I was so proud for us!!!

It was a great way to spend a Saturday. I'm glad to be back in Adventure Racing and look forward to the challenges that the Monsoon Adventure Race brings next month. Rick and I are doing the long course so my day will be longer and harder...but I'm ready! - "Bring it"

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