Friday, September 5, 2008


(who says inflatable kayaks are just for water:)

Seriously, Dave is freakin tough! He's so kickin my butt that I can't believe I can actually do some of the crazy things he comes up with. Take today for example. I did a road ride one leg at a time. Um...yeah....

Okay, seriously, it was kinda fun but here's what went down. We road a really nice trail over by Tempe Town Lake and as we are riding he says, unclip your right leg. Translation - pedal with only your left leg. WOW. We did this back and forth for what seemed like most of our ride. Has anyone reading this ever biked one legged up a hill? There was not one time during this adventure where I didn't think I couldn't do it and THAT felt pretty great to me. Though my legs where tired (I had also hiked Squaw Peak this morning) I never felt like I just needed a second rest like I often do with Dave. I felt like I had achieved a new level of training and endurance, which is pretty good news.

I also discovered that my recovery speed was faster then it use to be - YEAH!! I can feel a huge difference in my legs from just a month ago.

What I need to work on is riding a straight line....I like to take up as much space as available to me...but it's not always about me I guess :)

Okay folks - Ironman registration is coming up FAST so PLEASE....send in your donations. It's $525!!!!! If 20 readers send in $25 then I'm set so spread the word my blog me if you can.

Jack update. He's doing much better! For the first time in months he started to play with his brother last night and he's starting to eat on his own during the day again. YEAH. It's taken three different kinds of medication but I think we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong my special dog Jack....XXOO

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