Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Anniversary

This month I will celebrate my Ironman anniversary. Sounds funny, but it's true. I started training with Dave a year ago this month and look at how things have changed. I remember the first time he told me to start riding my bike to the gym. I was sure he was kidding because it was 16 miles and that seemed like a century ride to me I'm up to 67 miles in a day!

I also remember one of our first workouts where I told him I wanted to do the Ironman. He must have thought I was out of my mind! I certainly was in no condition for an IM! I think a lot of my friends were shocked at my choice of races too. I could hear it in their voices when they would say, "Oh wow, that's great" .... didn't you really mean, "um....yeah, good luck with that". Don't worry, I knew it sounded too big for me but I'm not afraid. I don't think about the distance overall, I think of it in segments. Each segment has a certain number of laps and I can wrap my head around all of it. I'm going to be okay - I can feel it. I'm going to finish what I started.

Since all this started I've gone through a tremendous transformation mentally, as well as physically. My eyes are bigger and my goals are lofty. I've started thinking beyond IM about other events and races I might want to participate in so I'm creating a plan for myself. I do enjoy being on my bike for long distances more then I ever thought I would so I see it in my future. Speaking of - I do need to post my bike shorts review. It's just sitting down and taking the time to write it out. Some of these shorts are crotch killers so I want to save you the discomfort I've been through...hey - I'm saving one crotch at a time! :) I'm getting off subject....

What's my point? Hell, I don't know. My dogs are barking and now I lost my train of thought.... I do have goals for this month, but I don't know what they are just yet. This is all I know - yesterday Brigid towed my ass all the way around Papago Park. She was working on strength, I was working on speed so we made a good team. She's a strong running and gave me a great workout. We made it around in 22 minutes! I could never make that time on my own. Well done Brig. That was the last of my 70 miles for March. My reward - time off for good behavior. No, just one day off. Dave says that on Monday I'll be starting a pretty tough 2-week challenge so I'm super excited to hear what it is!!! It's almost like knowing he has a present for me, but I can't open it until Monday...that's how excited my stomach feels.....hurray!!! He does keep things super fun and always fresh.

Tomorrow is the Splash n Dash - burrrrrr - anyone have a wetsuit I can borrow? Mine doesn't have sleeves so I'm going to be SO COLD! ugh....

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Hollon said...

Good luck tomorrow Kim, you've come along way, congrats. I may have a lead for you on a wet suit.