Thursday, May 22, 2008

Flying Snot and Lots of Steps

What an awesome day! I love the cool breeze and overcast sky....I pray for this kind of day everyday.

Let me say that I'm pretty proud of myself today. I'm working really hard to increase my endurance and I see signs of it paying off. That's really encouraging, and motivating. Dave and I met at Squaw Peak today. I'm going to cut right to the chase here, I pushed him up the hill on his mtn bike today. This is hard! Imagine this picture - me standing behind Dave, hands on his seat, his back tire between my legs and my head down, just over the tire too. Snot is dripping....seriously dripping down my nose and I have two choices at this point. Take one hand off the seat and wipe it, simply to have it come right back or just let it drip. Ugh, I just let it drip, and drip, and drip. Okay, it's not that bad until it lands on his tire just to fling right back up in my face!!! GROSSSSS....but I had to keep going. I just wish it would have stopped flingin all over me! :0

All that was followed by 10 times up and down the stairs, not my typical 5 times....and there are 77 of them total. I can't believe I ran up 770 steps total! And that doesn't include coming down!!! I decreased my time on the first 5 laps by almost a minute! Total time for the 10 laps was 20 - 21 minutes, I can't remember but I can say this...I could have done a couple more, that's how good I felt. Tired - YES, but my legs were not ready to buckle so there was more. Now by saying this online I realize that I'm setting myself up for torture but I'm almost certain that Dave will torture me anyway :)

Swimming with Dave tomorrow and I can't wait! I look forward to his perspective.

I'm headed to Butch and Vickie's for an 1.5 hours of boxing. This should be fun. Butch use to be a professional boxer and he's taught me before. I know his workouts are intense and I need it. My body still have more fight in it today...

So Saturday I'm running in the Arizona Road Racers 5k. They put on a whole series during the summer. My goal is merely to see how well I can endure using the techniques Dave has taught me. I don't doubt my ability to run the entire course, it's merely for time and technique. I better improve with each 5k or I'm in trouble!

Final note - I'm going to post my upcoming race schedule so you can come cheer for me!

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