Friday, May 16, 2008

Today was HARD

I haven't really written anything exciting these last few posts. Well, today should be good because Dave put me through the ringer!

First, I think both Dave and I are disappointed that my bike STILL HAS NOT COME! Maybe today, or not. We have been kind of planning a bike test since Tuesday and well, with no bike that's a little difficult to do. He told me earlier in the week he was going to, "kick my a**" if my bike didn't come to make up for some "easy" workouts in anticipation. Well, today was certainly the day. For the first time I thought I was going to pee my pants AND vomit all in the same hour!

It started on the treadmill today for my warm up. Normally I do 10 minutes on the elliptical but somebody else was using it. I didn't like the treadmill for one reason only. I had a straight shot of myself in the mirror and EEEKKKK, I have cottage cheese thighs! I want my rose colored glasses back damn it!!!! Why didn't somebody tell me? Seriously, why?

Dave bumped up my weight in what felt like all of the machines today. I love it! I really do enjoy the weights. I think it's because there is NO CARDIO involved.

So earlier this week or last week, I can't remember, I ended my workout with Dave telling me I had to burn 130 calories in 10 minutes on the elliptical. Sounds easy to some of you, but not me. I don't have a lot of lower body endurance. Well, I missed it by 5 freaken calories! I was just exhausted. I knew going into the gym today that it was on Dave's list....I just knew it. I was right. Ugh. I was, however, mentally prepared for what was to come (it's always the last exercise I do). I did it! I made it through and was pretty excited but it was only for a second. Dave pulled a fast one on me and told me I was going for 10 more minutes and up to 250 calories! Son of a B! I hadn't even recovered from the first 10 minutes. Now, I love working with Dave, obviously but at that moment, I hated him. Why was he doing this to me? I've since apologized to him for getting a bit out of shape during that 10 minutes but a sign of a good trainer, to me, is one that doesn't let me stop when he sees potential for more. My mind really was done, but my body did have that 10 minutes still in it. It was a horrible fight and ya know what, I made it!

Thanks again to Dave for really making me earn every drop of sweat! As nice as he is, he's a really hard trainer.

So I signed up for the Sun Devil Master Swim program. I'm a level 2, which takes me out of the tadpole section and into the minnows! It starts in June so watch for those swim results to come. I'm also looking at the race schedule for this year and will let you know which ones I pick so that you can come cheer me on...

Peace-out :)

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