Monday, May 5, 2008

View from Above

What a beautiful view from the top of North Mountain last night.

When I arrived at the base of North Mtn. last night and got ready for my hike I immediately went for my iPod. I was ready to put my head down and just get the work done. It was, after all, the activity I chose when Dave asked what my plan was for Sunday.

It didn't take me long to realize that I would miss a lot by sticking those little plugs in my ears. I would miss the sound of my breathing, the sound of the ground under my feet, the sounds of birds and lizards...a whole lot of sound. I didn't want to take any of it for granted. I want to be in every moment of the next 18 months. I want to feel the pain, and glorify in the victory. I want every single second to last for as long as my body can take it. This is the event of a lifetime, right?

Okay, that was all wonderful until I started to get tired and needed the extra push that only AC DC could provide. Yep, on go the headphones a little passed the half way mark. On the way down was really fun. I cranked the tunes and I think the people around me thought I was crazy because I was signing and swinging my hands around.... That was my moment....nobody but me....:)

What a perfect ending to a perfect day....

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Shannon said...

You can do it Kim---I KNOW YOU CAN! Once you set your mind to something--there is no stopping you! I am getting motivated to get toned up just reading your blog! I lost the weight, but over the winter lost the tone! So I will be thinking of you and all that you are doing and what you are accomplishing--and I will be there with you (in thought--not the Ironman-LMAO!)
Love ya