Friday, May 2, 2008

I got some kick ass abs baby!

Today's workout was fun, but that certainly doesn't mean it wasn't challenging. For the first time this week I felt like my head was in it....I just really love lifting weights and working on the Total Gym machine. When I'm there I don't want to stop.

Let me tell you about my trainer, Dave. He's a podium finisher at nearly all the events he participates in, he's an Ironman, he's biked his way across Africa and he's one of the most down to earth, easy going guys I know. He's not a jerky muscle head gym jock and his wife is just as awesome! Have you ever met somebody and you just knew that to the core they were good? Well, that's Dave and Windy....just good.

My focus these days is on making Dave proud. I want to really impress him. Not the "great job" for showing up on time kind of impressed, but the kind of impressed that only comes occasionally and you hear it in a persons voice when they say it. You can almost feel it when heard. Well, I heard it and it was good....He told me that I had really strong abs! "What", I said!!! I wanted to hear it again....YEEHAWWW and I'M SO PROUD!!!! I did a lot of 30 min ab classes this past year and it's paid off! I can do sit-ups for an hour if you want me to. I'm going to need that core strength to carry me through this race. I visualize the day he says I'm ready for Ironman....what a day that will be....but a loooonnnngggg way from today.

Good luck to Dave and Windy this weekend at the Rocky Point Tri. I'll be joining you in these ventures soon.

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