Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Dave and I met at Squaw Peak again today. When he told me yesterday that was were to meet him I have to admit, I was not very happy. There is something about Squaw Peak that is defeating for me. I'm to slow going up - I really am. I'm not really sure who set the pace in my mind but it's there.

I got lucky today, really lucky because Dave forgot his hiking shoes (he rides his bike to meet me). I ended up having a really good, and FUN workout today. My guess is that we would have spent way more time on that hill had he brought his shoes. My warm up was up the mtn to the .25 mark and back down. It felt okay, but I was at my own pace. A pace I'm sure was slower then if I were following Dave.

Then I pushed Dave on his bike from the summit parking lot all the way to the end of the street. It was a fantastic workout! I had sweat poring from places I didn't know existed... My nose was dripping and I could feel that nasty saliva build up around my mouth....it was awesome! I pushed and pushed without stopping up the hills and when we arrived at the top, man it felt great!

I jogged back down, about half way to the start of the stairs. Though I felt like I had added time going up and down from the last time I did it, Dave says I took some seconds off! WHOOOHOOO. That was tuff after that push up the hill.

A transformation is happening - I can feel it. I'm a lot stronger then I thought I was, and I'm so ready for the blood, sweat and tears!

Great workout Dave....

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