Tuesday, May 20, 2008


That's right! That's what I was saying under my breath today when the Elliptical was being used at the gym....you know why, right? I wasn't going to have the Dave's cardio killing special heart attack workout!!! YEEEHAWWW. I made a small comment about it while doing my push ups and he says to me, "we can wait him out".... ZIP IT UP!! That's exactly what I did, kept my big mouth zipped up after that because he certainly would have waited the guy out, no doubt about it.

I'm starting to see changes in my body. My arms, back and abs are starting to show some definition that I'm excited about. I just feel better. Working with him can't compare to working on my own. My short term goal is to drop 4% body fat before my next four week session with Dave ends. (No worries, I'm still working with Dave for several months).

I've been thinking about adding a second workout to my day, in the evening but it's getting so hot. WHERE IS MY BIKE!!!!!!!!! I can't take this anymore!

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