Friday, May 30, 2008

My Inaugural Bike Ride

So my friend Butch took me for my inaugural bike ride today and I have to tell you, it felt really great. Maybe the anticipation leading up to actually getting my bike made it feel a little extra special and I'm totally okay with that.

I've know Butch for several years now and this is not the first time I've learned some great lessons from him. He's an elite athlete and racer himself. He's a professional boxer, volleyball coach AND he's played professional baseball before. There is a lot of brain pickin to be had there....

Side note here, I'm pretty fortunate. I have a really great set of friends who are supporting me. These folks are in my life to teach me some lessons and with each day they add to my life's book, I'm grateful. I can only hope that they get something as worthwhile from my friendship as I do theirs. At the end of the day, when I cross that Ironman finish I hope they are all their with me because really, I'm racing with a piece of each of them in me.

Okay, back on subject....Butch taught me a lot about road biking today. From the gears to the hand signals when riding in groups, I walked away really feeling more comfortable. We did a total of 20 miles!!! I know, pretty exciting for my first ride. I couldn't feel my butt, but somehow me and my backside pulled through.

I was pretty scared at first. I seemed to be okay behind him but when we would ride side by side I felt really nervous and a little fragile. I'm not confident enough yet to find my place on the road and stick to it.... HOWEVER!!! I walked away INJURY FREE TODAY! bees, bugs, scratches, pulled muscles, fractured bones or anything...I'm totally okay. Rick wanted me to pad-up before I went out...or at least put knee guards on :0. My scariest moment was when I forgot to pull my foot out of the pedal straps. When I tried to put my foot on the ground my bike and body tried to go too. Lucky for me, (and Butch who would have had to carry me) I got my foot out just in time to catch myself. My heart skipped a beat for that one.

Going out tomorrow for an easy 10 miles. According to Butch I need to get my rump use to the seat....Let see if I can stay vertical two days in a row...

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