Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Excited!

I'm excited about a couple of things today! First, I get to pick up my bike tomorrow - FINALLY. This waiting is making me crazy. There is something extra exciting, I think, about "the day before", or "the next in line"....the anxiety makes me feel like a kid again. I sit in my office, look out the window and think to myself - how blessed am I. I'll have a bike that's a perfect fit for just me.

I'm also excited about my swim yesterday. Swimming is the only part of Ironman that I cannot imagine myself doing. Everything else is clear as day in my head, but swimming is a fog. My swim coach, Bettina ( gave me a couple different drills to work on for the hour and by the time the hour was over, I was exhausted. Learning to breath and swim will be the hardest task I have to learn during this whole process.

Going to the swim class was a hurdle for me for a couple of reasons. Body image was one of them, and not really knowing how to swim was the second. I spent more time this week worried about being the slowest person in class and ya know what, I was. Rick and I categorized everyone...tadpole, minnow, fish, dolphin and shark. The sharks are the really good swimmers. I was the only tadpole in class and it turned out okay. Nobody was mean to me, nobody laughed at me and most important, I didn't drown. All in all, I it was a good day....

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