Saturday, May 31, 2008

My daily debrief

I'm a pretty lucky girl...let me tell you why.

No matter what I'm up to, work, exercise or spending time with friends, Rick always wants a "debrief" when I get home. I love it! This is a guy who after 5 1/2 years together still finds me and my adventures interesting and fun to listen to. Perhaps it's because I'm animated when I tell my stories, it doesn't matter, it's pretty awesome. Let me tell you why I bring this up. Rick's going out of town for a couple of days and during the preparation he wanted to talk about how we can still debrief about my day....WHAT! Yep, seriously. He wants to talk about our upcoming can you not love this guy? I'll miss him while he's gone :(

I went for my ride this morning and wow, that was exceptionally difficult. My butt hurt so bad when I plopped it on the seat, I almost didn't go. Seriously, I was talking myself out of the entire ride, the entire ride. I did 8 miles, not 10 and that's only because the trail was 8 solid miles without stopping for traffic. I was in no mood for traffic today...I was only in the mood to bitch and moan about my ass.

The first mile was the worst as I tried to pedal standing...anything to keep my butt off the seat. But that didn't last long. I finally decided that if I was intentionally going to put salt on this wound by getting back on my bike today, I better just do it 100% because anything less would probably hurt worse for longer. It worked, a little. After a while my butt just went numb and it was bearable. Not pain free, bearable. I have never wanted to be home so bad! Okay, how long before I build a tolerance for this????

Picture this people. I'm sitting on a donut because I still have issues with my tail bone, but now I can put ice in the hole to soothe the pain from my bike seat!!!!! Brilliant!

My first open water swim is tomorrow. If I don't post after today, I'm at the bottom of Bartlett Lake waiting for you to come get me.

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