Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The pain in my calf has become a pain in my butt

Maybe you are wondering how my calf is doing. Well, I opted not to see a Dr. and wonder now if that was a good decision. I guess I could still go, but I keep hoping it will get better.

Yesterday was manageable. I can't put tons of pressure on my leg without feeling like my knee will buckle on me. That left me concerned about what kind of workout I could get done while Dave is on vacation this week. I opted for swim drills today at the YMCA, which turned out to be really good. It's getting easier for me to breath and my form is getting much better. I'm almost ready for freestyle.

All was great until I tired to jump up out of the pool. OUCH! Now I'm having some pain just behind my knee - that can't be good. Nevertheless, I'm going to swim everyday in order to get my cardio work done and continue to baby this injury.

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znie said...

Bee Sting, pulled calf, pool-exit injury. You need to be careful Kim and not overdo it, you're my fragile flower. R