Saturday, June 21, 2008

For all the women who suffer!

Rick and I left early this morning for a bike ride down the canal. Overall it was a pretty good ride. We discovered through Rick's new Garmin Forerunner that my bike computer is off just a little because I didn't program the tire size....easy fix. He clocked us at 23 miles in 2 hours...which is okay, but won't due at Ironman with the bike cutoff time. I have lots of time to get stronger.

Here is my big challenge....I need a new bike seat. Let's just lay this out there for all the women who suffer in silence... My hooch is killing me! She's squeezed, pinched and just miserable right now. What's with the little hole in bike seats anyway? I think that's the problem...everything gets squeezed inside some little hole and there is no room to move let alone breath! That's it, I'm going in the garage to create a new bike seat just for women!

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