Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vacations Over

Our vacation week is over and I'm a little glad, and a little sad. My car has over 4,000 new miles added to it and Rick is still going. He's driving back from Wisconsin, adding another 2,000...ugh.

Long story short our hiking plans were cut short by wind, snow and rain which all had us behind a day in our trip. We never made it to Chicago or a couple of places in Wisconsin like we had planned. We barely missed all of the floods, however, we did endure the flood traffic.

I miss my routine! I'm a routine kinda girl and look forward to seeing Dave tomorrow and getting back to my Thursday night swim. I'm tired and a little to relaxed I think. I had entirely too much sugar this week and I feel it in my rear!

Picture to come once Rick gets home....

1 comment:

Hollon said...

Is that a picture of your rear thats coming when Rick gets home?