Friday, June 27, 2008

New Month, New Goals

We are just about done with June and wow, I feel great about where I'm at in my training. I think I'll be more prepared for Ironman than I originally thought at the pace I'm going. It's true, I'm completely obsessed with my training and I probably should find a balance between family and everything else.

Last nights swimming was awesome! I've made huge improvements and my focus now is on speeding up my stroke. Doing an open water swim on Sunday and I just found out that Dave and his wife are swimming too! Game on now sister!

Dave's goal for me in July...200 miles on my bike! Eekk I just found out that the Tour de Scottsdale is the day after my Rocky Point Triathlon so I'm pretty bummed about that. I want to do all of these events but I guess I need to be more realistic. As if 200 miles is not enough...who the hell am I kidding! By the time I get to Oct the 70 miles Tour de Scottsdale will seem like child's play.... (okay, probably not but it sounded good).

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