Sunday, June 22, 2008

Up North Mtn

Well, I was suppose to swim today but forgot that Sierra leaves for camp in Prescott so Rick, Sierra and I opted to go up North Mtn. early this morning. I cannot believe how well my cardio and endurance has changed over the past couple of months. I thought about jogging up the mtn but Sierra was having some challenges and I didn't want to get any farther ahead of them then I already was. Maybe I'll give it a try the next time we go...I'd like to see just how far I can jog up that incline without a rest....hummmmm Dave I think you should let me tow you up the hill to make it even harder! Wait a second, what the hell am I saying here!!! Have I lost my freakin mind??

I've done a lot of reading about bike seats and have come to some conclusions. Next week I'm taking it in to get fitted for a bike seat. I didn't realize that was an option but apparently it is. I also need to play with the seat adjustment because I'm not sitting on my "sit bones" but rather the soft tissue and that's torture. So, a specific size and the adjustment to position should do the trick, I hope!

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