Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....

Have you watched, Finding Nemo? I went to my first swim class with triathletes last night. I arrived a little early and watched the group before me. It didn't take long for me to realize that I was way over my head. What the hell am I doing trying to play with the big boys! They were doing fancy turns in the pool and doing 100 - 300 meter swims without stopping to rest! No way!! I'm not even close to doing that yet. Should I stay, should I go...I didn't know what to do, but I was scared to death.

I briefly spoke to the coach and told him I was scared and not sure his class was appropriate for me. He's response, "Get in the pool and let's see what you've got". eekkkk His attention was quickly diverted with his regular students so I stood and just stared at the water...what do to, what to do, I'm thinking. Then I hear this voice coming from the water, "come on, get in", this strange woman wearing a swim cap says with a soft gentle comforting voice....then I got it, the song....she sang the song... the "just keep swimming, swimming, swimming" song from Finding Nemo! SHUT UP! You did not just sing me a song. It was just what I needed to bring my intensity down just a bit.

So, here I go. I take a deep breath and try my best, that's all I have to offer. It was totally okay. I made it across 25 meters to the other side, doing everything I had learned in my previous classes.....I was really a swimmer now. My coach was great giving me help and being easy on me for day one. I was able to take a break at every 25 meters to catch my breath and he didn't require much else...thank god.

I was definitely the tadpole in the class but everyone on both sides of my lanes were just awesome and really encouraging. All the fear I had turned into self confidence and the best part is, the first day is over and I can only get better....inside and out ;)

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