Friday, June 6, 2008

Master Swim and HARD bike drills

Mount Rushmore
One of our stops during our vacation this coming week

Last night was fantastic! For the first time since I started swim lessons I actually swam freestyle!!! I know, pretty exciting stuff. I can't say enough about the Sun Devil Master Swim program. These guys are the real deal and I was finally able to make a break through. Of course racelab did all the coaching pre-work for Master Swim so I must give credit where it's due. They are both great programs!

Something just clicked last night and my strokes along with breathing made sense. I'm proud to say that I won the most improved in one session award, which was popcorn from the instructor.

Let's chat a bit about today's bike drills (hooked to the computer) at Dave's house. It's official, I don't like bike drills. Long story short - I did a 5 min hard ride, 3 - 30 second hard rides and 3 - 1 min hard ride. I have never EVER sweat so much in a workout! NEVER. I wanted to cry, seriously. I got off the pedals during my "rest" and nearly had a melt down after one of the 30 sec sets. I think the only thing that keep me together was I didn't want Dave to feel uncomfortable watching me cry. My legs were shaking and man, I want to cry just writing about it now. Just my luck I get to do all this testing with him again in a month. ugh... I gave him everything I had today....

I'm off on vacation this week. Rick and I are hiking and camping across America. Well, not literally but we are hiking in Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota and Minnesota. Sounds like fun huh...I'm looking forward to it myself. Watch for some fun details along with way.

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