Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Security Blanket

The more I train the more I discover weird things about myself. One of which is my obsessive need for my sweat rag. You know, I don't think it's really for wiping the sweat off my face as it is just something for me to cling to. I need to have something in my hands and I'm not really sure why. I rest my head on it when I do my pull-ups. I rest my knees on it sometimes when I do my push-ups and yes, I do use it to wipe the sweat. I carry the darn thing with me everywhere.....I need my sweat rag....

So the past couple of days I haven't written but that doesn't mean I have not been training! Let's start with a bike workout at Dave's house the other day. He hooked up my bike to some rather fancy equipment, attached a gadget to my ear and told me to ride....for six miles non-stop. This crazy thing measured everything from my heart rate, average speed and which leg was working harder then the other! It was really cool. The screen also showed me riding on an animated course so being indoors was not so bad....I'm glad to say I maintained my average speed the entire time. Friday we are doing drills on the computer.

Today Rick and I went for an easy ride. Our intention was 8 miles but I got a flat on the way home. Although we tried to fix it, it didn't work so I walked my bike home about 3 miles....

Tonight I'm swimming with a new group. I hope that by adding a weekly swim with a coach I'll improve a little faster. With summer fast upon us, I want to spend most of my time in the water!

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