Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Day of Firsts....

I know, I'm behind on my posts. These past few days have been action packed but with the few minutes I have, I've got to tell you what I've been up to.

First, I'm feeling much better after my last post. Dave gave me a much needed chat and well, I'm going to try and relax a bit. Things will be okay for me I'm sure.

A Day of Firsts:
  1. Biked with a women's group
  2. Spent time with Vickie's sister Christine
  3. Got lost
  4. Fell off my road bike
Well, I finally did find that women's riding group that I was searching for and today was my first ride. Vickie's sister Christine came along and that really made a difference seeing a familiar face. I'm glad she decided to join.

Off we go and right off I knew that I would have to work hard to keep up. Those women mean business when it comes to riding. Christine and I were doing well enjoying a good chat and then we started to climb some hills. If you read my blog you know that hills are a challenge for me. Christine and I broke up and ugh...the first hill was done. Somebody has to be last so why not me.

Our separation didn't last long and we were together again...until the next hill :0 About this time we are near Camelback and the hills are getting really steep. I had two choice, I could take the easy route, which some women opted to do or ride the hill Christine was going up. I really wanted to work on my leg strength so up the hill I went. Getting passed is not a big deal to me until I realized that I was almost at a stand still and nobody was behind me. I tried something new and stood up on my bike to pedal up the hill. Man, my legs were toast and I quickly ran out of breath too. I just don't have the leg endurance yet for those kind of hills.

I needed to rest for a second but oops...didn't get unclipped fast enough and down I went! It didn't hurt because I wasn't moving fast enough lol. As I lay there with my bike over my legs I realized that I was alone and nobody knew I was there. I was alone and I better get the lead out. Unfortunately I was so far behind that I didn't see which way my group turned and now I was lost.

For a while I felt like a lost child looking for my mommie. It was crazy and I was bummed that I had missed the end of the ride....I headed back to the start. To my surprise the group arrived shortly after I did.

Fortunately several women wanted to continue so I was able to add an additional 10 miles to my ride. I was happy ending the morning with 30 miles under my belt.

See you next Sunday Christine!

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heartprinting said...


Sorry your day of "firsts" had to be that you fell and that we dropped you. I had no idea you decided to follow me up the hill. I thought you went straight with the other group. Here the whole time I was thinking that "I" was the last one up the hill!

You are a trooper and after we regrouped and found you, had trouble keeping up with you.

See ya next week!