Friday, August 29, 2008


Last night's storm was out of control! It woke me up at about 11:30pm with hail hitting our bedroom window. Rick and I are always scared that a storm will rip up the tree in our backyard but thankfully it didn't happen last night.

We lost our power for about five hours and now we know why. All of the power lines on 40th St from Shea to Cactus are down and we live right in the heart of it, as does our friend Hollon.

Nevertheless, Ironman training continues. I've been mtn biking and hiking all week as well as a gym workout today with Dave. It was a super tough workout that included lifting 20lbs! I've been doing well with 15 so adding additional weight is exactly where I want to be.

We are headed to Vegas Sunday for some fun with friends and more biking so expect some fun posts next week!

Happy Trails!
(click on the image to enlarge - it's amazing!)

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