Monday, August 18, 2008

Only 78 miles to go!

Wow.....I just added up how many miles I've done so far this month and it's not as bad as I thought. Actually, I only have 78 more to go before I reach Dave's monthly goal, which is 50 more then I did last month. I can't remember the last day I didn't ride my bike...

Dave's back in town from his Colorado event. He's NUTS! Him and Windy did some crazy race up a mtn and guess rained, hailed, dropped some snow flurry and on top of that tried to blow them over with 30mph winds. I'm glad you're back in one piece.

Today I said the dreaded words..."I can't"! Yep, I said it and I can't believe it either. My legs are just tired and I knew it as soon as I started riding to the gym this morning. I biked 60 miles, did Rick's Dreamy Draw mtn bike section again and ran 8 miles in just a few days....TIRED PEOPLE! It seemed, however, that after a couple of miles they loosened up a bit and I felt okay. My gym workouts always start with ball squats. Yeah, sounds easy enough right. We're talkin about Dave here folks. Do a bunch until your legs are shaking, then add half squats until it's painful. Seriously, it's painful! Well, my knees refused to bend. He says, "half way down" and my legs say, " but thanks for asking" and the words came out...."I can't" :0

It was a little funny really (well not then but looking back on it). Dave says, "that's the wrong way", as I try to stand back up. Nevertheless I finished them up and pressed on through the workout. Brutal...but bring it on brother Dave!!!

To end this story I'm going to update you on my swim class. I decided last Wednesday that I would not be going back to the Masters for a while. The class has grown so much that we were swimming 5 and 6 per lane and that's too much for me. I need my own space and I don't think you can coach that many people effectively. So, I'm now on my own....You can catch me Mon/Wed and maybe Fri at Cactus Pool between 6 - 7pm if you want to join me. I LOVE COMPANY! Since I'm planning on doing a 1000meters next month for the Splash n Dash, I need to keep on top of my swimming...

Happy trails and one last thing....Don't let fear stop you from living a full life! :)

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