Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Really fun bike drills

I'm not sure what was more fun...running into a tree with my bike or stopping on the downhill to balance without putting my feet on the ground.

Today was just pure fun and I needed it...I've been working really hard and to laugh at myself doing some of these crazy things was what the Dr. ordered.

Let's cut right to the fun stuff! Dave is teaching me balance and self-confidence on my mountain bike. After a few other drills we did something unusual (well, not for Dave) and that was to ride my bike into a tree, balance, turn and keep riding all without putting one foot onto the ground. Totally FUN!!! Try this at home folks. At a steady pace ride your front tire into the tree, bounce, balance then turn and ride away..LOVED IT! I could have done that 10 more times it was so fun. I wonder what the people around us were thinking when they saw us :)

Another fun one was to stop my bike and balance while in the downhill position. Again, LOVED IT! We had already practiced balancing the bike without putting one foot down so adding the hill was perfect. Down I go, stop in the middle and balance without putting my feet down and then continue. I could have done that 20 more times....

What a refreshing workout...if you see me ramming my bike into the side of things, it's just practice...no need to panic ;)

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