Friday, August 1, 2008

Today's LONG workout

For the past two weeks I've been hiking and biking prior to meeting Dave for my regular workout. I'm sad to say that the fun is over..I'm back to my regular work schedule so getting in those long workouts is over :(

I ended my fun week the right way...up Squaw Peak, then to see Dave followed by a 3 mile run with Rick and Hollon at the YMCA. Total workout time was 4 hours. WOW. What I learned - I need to fuel my body better. I did that 4 hours on one cup of cereal that I had at 4:30am and that was not enough to get me through. I could have pulled off 4 or 5 miles on the run but I could feel my legs start to cramp up and my hunger pain was giving me a headache. Rick and Hollon are getting ready for Gilmore (and Ironman) so it was really fun to spend some training time with them. I'm up for a run at the gym anytime boys!

My friends Sonja, Jennifer, Leslie and I are all doing the upcoming Gilmore Adventure Race in Sept so we are going to start our training tomorrow with a bike ride. Sunday is a Ride-n-Tie followed by swimming so it's a full weekend ahead. LOVE IT...

Enjoy the new photo. That was taken today on my way up Squaw Peak....

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