Sunday, August 3, 2008

The smell of sweet victory!

Winning races is not something I've done much of. Partly because I haven't been in a ton of races, and second ... I'm not really that fast, which is totally okay with me. However, when you get a taste of a win I think that something happens to you....let me explain.

Today I met some of my friends for a Ride-n-Tie at Reach 11. (read about a ride-n-tie)
My team today was Dave and his wife Windy, both bad ass racers and good at everything they do. Dave is training me for Ironman and I knew that there would be no room for rest during the entire race. I did feel the added pressure of being teamed with such elite athletes. I didn't want to let them down...I want to be a good teammate.

The race started off super fun! Windy and I were on bikes and Dave started the run portion. We had already strategized about when to drop bikes etc so we had a good plan from the start. Dave and Windy are so fast that by the time I stopped to drop my bike for whoever was running, they were almost caught up! The new plan..I need to bike and drop farther! Okay, that's easy enough.

I had a really great time watching the various teams ride, drop and run during the times we were bunched together. It was real cool hearing teams communicate and support each other. It didn't take me long to realize during lap 3 that my team was in 1st place.

I looked back at the half way mark and thought, where did everyone go? Certainly they will be catching up to us soon! I could see my teammates up ahead and tried with all my leg and will power to get to them. At this point I went into survival my teammates survive that is!!! I knew that they had been running so long because I couldn't catch up to them that I wanted to give them my bike too....I wanted to give them a chance to rest. By the time I drop my bike they pick it up and give it back because I just can't run far enough ahead fast enough. This is crazy insane to me.

Everyone out there played hard and it was awesome fun! This story ends with a victory. Dave, Windy and I won the race and it was sweet! That's really all I wanted for them...

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