Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Milestone Day

I'm excited today. Dave's hard workouts have paid off ... we took 5 minutes off my run time at Reach 11. Five minutes is HUGE for me and that was after I hiked North Mtn. I wonder if my time would have decreased by 6 minutes if I had not hiked first.... YEAH A huge thanks to my awesome trainer and friend Dave for always believing in me!

Tomorrow will be equally challenging as I plan on doing the dreaded Dreamy Draw hill two times in a row. My plan, start from home...down Dreamy Draw to Glendale Ave and turn around right where the uphill begins then repeat. I rode DD the other day and kept my eye on my speedometer. My goal was to keep my speed in the 7mph range..high or low but not below and I did it. It was hard, especially after Dave's leg workout but I did it. Small goals, small successes. Tomorrow is 8mph for round one and 7mph for round two. Let's see how it goes...keep your fingers crossed.

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