Monday, July 21, 2008

Dave's Back

Today is starting off really terrific! I did the Squaw Peak circumference trail for my warm up followed by a gym workout with Dave. Yep, he's back and ready to kick my butt again.

I felt reallllyyy sloppy at the gym today and I'm sure it's because the intensity level this past week was not as high as it normally is when Dave's here. HOWEVER, I can feel a huge different in my endurance and strength since I started working with him.

So we are meeting at the gym again tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I know what's coming. CARDIO....sweaty, hard, nasty cardio. Will it be the Treadmill or the Elliptical? My stomach is going to be upset all night thinking about it. Here's what I'm grateful for though...he's not making me run outside in the heat. If that is in fact what we are doing tomorrow....eeekkkk

I only have 13 more miles to do on my bike before I have reached my monthly goal and I'm THRILLED that I did it with a week left over. YEAH. I could wrap up all the biking I've done in my entire life and it still would not add up to the 200 miles I've done these past few weeks. I'm so proud of myself for getting it done as quick as I did. I'll finish my goal tomorrow with a ride to the gym and then see how many miles I can add before the month is over.

Swimming tonight!!! (just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....)

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