Thursday, July 17, 2008

Swim and Honesty

Did my first 300 meter swim last night without rests....WOW! I was absolutely exhausted and pretty much toast for the rest of the swim. I finished with 25's and 50's followed by long rests. I'm still sloppy on my returns but nothing that practice won't cure...

Here is some honesty. Dave's gone, I'm tried and today I just don't feel like jumping on my bike. I want to work on my vision board, which seems a little crazy because one of my goals is to work hard daily towards Ironman. So what do I do? I did three workouts yesterday, which was more then Dave had planned for me so do I rest today or continue to push? I'm swimming today and that enough to satisfy him when he finds out I didn't do what he had planned for me? I'm doing an extra long bike this weekend to get further ahead on my miles...ugh...can I live with the guilt of not doing the bike and run? THIS IS SO HARD TO DO ALONE! What am I going to do!

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