Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm a little pissed off!

I recently read a story about a man who went from 320lbs to an Ironman. Click here to read about it. LOVE this story.

I found out about some folks who don't just doubt my ability to do an Ironman but don't think I'll finish. Thanks for that. Just because I have not been athletic my entire life certainly does not mean that I cannot become an Ironman. It's not an exclusive "elite athletes only" club. I ask all those doubters...are you signed up for Ironman? Yeah, I thought so..

I'm not stupid enough to think that this event won't test my physical and mental ability beyond anything I can imagine. Why do you think my training program started 1-1/2 years early? I'm a little devastated to think that anyone would actually tell me that I should mentally prepare for not finishing. Um..what? Did I hear that correctly? Prepare mentally to not finish. I absolutely will not prepare to fail. Why start if that's my attitude going in? Just like anyone who has worked hard to do an Ironman, I will be very upset and sad if in fact I don't cross that finish line but I will know this for sure....I did not prepare for it!

And one final note. If you doubt me, I don't need or want you around me. If you think I'll quit my training anytime soon, let's put some money on that because I'll gladly take it. Don't be a S.O.B. and send me your negative energy. NOBODY is more important to me right now then my training or my goal.

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