Thursday, July 3, 2008

Canal Sightings

I've seen some crazy stuff riding on the canal and I was thinking, I need to have a "canal sightings" section on my blog! How fun is that!!!

So today was a man trying to pull his dog out of the water. I'm riding along and here is the crazy thing, I was thinking about a story our friend Cathy told us about falling in the canal to help get her dog out who loved water so he jumped in yada, yada....long story....anyway...then all of a sudden I see a man with two dogs, both on a leash but one is in the water! How did that happen? Did he jump in? Did he fall in? How does a dog just fall into the canal? Crazy huh! The guy is bent over the side literally pulling his poor dog up by the leash around his neck. Sounds terrible I know but really, how else do you get the dog up without falling in yourself? Then the question, what would I have done if he fell in after the dog? Do I rescue the dog, or the man? Hummm....Fortunately I didn't have to make the decision today.... :)

I did my 20 miles today...10 to make up for what I didn't do Monday and today's 10. It was hard! Leaving home I realized it was going to be challenging because of the wind....then I realized my legs were a little tired from biking on Dave's trainer yesterday. Here's the good news! MY BUTT HURTS!!!!! That's right, it hurts in all the right places today. Why and how is what you'reasking. Duct Tape :0. Every Adventure Racers friend and a tape that can fix anything, anywhere, anytime. It's the MacGyver of tapes.... I taped up the hole in my seat!

My "soft tissue" is still in recovery right now but it was the best my seat has felt since I started. I think we are almost at the end of this whole issue....and I'm sure you're tired of hearing about my "seat"... :)

I'm off tomorrow!!!! YEAH!!!! No exercise - zero, none, don't even ask, not even a fun day at the pool - NO! I've officially been given permission to rest and that's exactly what I intend to do! NOTHING.... Today is day 19 of exercise with no breaks and I reeeaallllyyyy need one. Thanks Dave!

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