Friday, July 11, 2008

Did I walk, or did I ride?

I had one of the best workouts today! It started with my bike ride down to the gym where Dave met me. We did some weights followed by running drills and some fun on the treadmill. After my ride yesterday I was pretty tired but was able to take everything he asked me to do.

The hardest part, riding back home. It's exactly 8.02 miles from my house to the gym, however, from Glendale Ave up towards Dreamy Draw then to 36th St. it's all up hill so I was really slow! My legs were really tired. Here is the deal....I started to hear two voices. One told me it was okay to stop and walk...I needed the rest and it's okay. The other voice told me that I better not take my butt off the seat! No matter how slow, just keep going. You know you're in trouble when you start talking out loud to yourself and well, that's exactly what I started doing. It's one thing to think it, but another to hear it...."Pain is weakness leaving the body"...a favorite quote from Dave's wife. I said it over and over....and NEVER took my butt off my bike!!!

Once I got home, soaked of sweat and happy that I made it, Rick and I went out to put up checkpoints for his race tomorrow. Today was definitely the worst day to be hiking with the humidity and with my tired legs.

Overall, it was a really great workout day! I'm down another 1lb and very happy about that. With as much biking as I'm doing, I'm set to lose another couple pounds this month - YEAH!

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