Saturday, July 26, 2008

Naked Girl

I know that I've been behind on my posts. I need to stick with it! For those of you who read it regularly, you can now sign up for Google Blog Alerts and you'll get an email letting you know when I've blogged....that way you don't have to check all the time. Info is posted to the right of this blog.

My swim coach gave me a lot of praise on Wed. He added up my total laps and it was 1500m, which is pretty exciting considering that I didn't even know how to swim a couple months ago. Tomorrow I try another open water swim and I'm curious to see if I can pull off a 400 this time. I still have 3 months before my tri in Rocky Point but man, I'd love to be a little more confident right now!

So I get out of the pool and into the women's locker room to find miss naked girl! The gym locker room at ASU has a huge shower area that is anything but private. No walls, not curtain and in fact, there are 4 shower heads per area with 5 areas.... I'm sorry but I need some privacy. She's right in the middle, naked as a jaybird... eekkk!!! Then she walks over to the lockers to get dressed and starts talking to people - NAKED! NONONO...honey don't talk to me until you cover your boobs...please! Seriously, is that necessary? I'm traumatized by the ordeal.

I continue to ride Dreamy Draw almost everyday. I've had it with that damn climb but feel the need to ride it because it nearly defeats me every time. I know it's because I'm exhausted by the time I reach it and the heat is really starting to get to me. My goal is to ride it at 10mph before I feel I've done it. I'm currently at 5 - 6mph.

My girlfriend Sonja told me it's time to update my blog photo. She's the second person to say it and I promise I will. I know, the girl in that photo is a little chubby but I loved the background... I'm home alone this weekend - YEAH -but when Rick returns I'll get a new picture taken so you can see what Dave's done to me.

Off to do my 8-mile run today...whoohooo

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