Wednesday, July 2, 2008


So what's up with the guy at the gym who has to make these really LLLOOOUUUDDD roaring noises when he works out? For the most part I think I'm pretty quiet at the gym. You might hear a struggle or two but I guarantee the person at the other end of the gym won't hear it. I do, however, like to use the "F" word when it's just Dave and me. Don't really know why but it comes out naturally and really, it makes me feel better. (if you didn't know about my foul mouth, well, dammit, now you do). I think I'm an angry exerciser. The more pissed I get, the better I do.

Anyway, I try not to laugh but you just can't help it sometimes. YEAH LOUD MAN! YOU DID IT! Maybe he needs more attention....

So this whole bike seat situation is really getting me down. If there is any one thing that could stop me from doing the Ironman, it's my bike seat. I had another adjustment to my bike yesterday and added a padded seat without the hole just to see how it felt. I definitely like not having a hole but now it's too much gel and still, my butt doesn't hurt at all, it's still my other parts. It's frustrating, I'm tired of talking about it and, I'm tired of feeling it. I can't afford a $100 bike seat just to find out it doesn't work either. I'm really at a crossroad and I have 200 miles of biking this month. Any suggestions from my female readers would be great!

Off to swim class tonight. I'm looking for somebody to teach me flip turns so if you know how, give me a call!

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