Monday, July 14, 2008

First Assignment

My job yesterday was to put in some long miles on my bike. Well, 25 was the most I had done up until yesterday. I thought it would be fun to ride down to Tempe Town Lake so off I went. The scary part is, I didn't really have a good route for getting there and I made the mistake of taking Scottsdale Rd. It didn't take me long to realize that the bike lane on Scottsdale Rd. didn't go all the way, and I wonder why. What's up with these bike lanes that end in the middle of nowhere? Nevertheless, riding next to traffic was certainly incentive to ride hard and fast, which I did.

Just over 16 miles and I'm on Mill and Curry quickly realizing that now I have to ride home...and it's getting HOT by the second. What did I get myself into! So, up through Papago Park and there it is, my first flat tire. Good thing I know how to change a tire! However, what I didn't know was how to use my CO2 cartridge and how to put my tire back on. Thank you to the three bikers who stopped to help me. And while my bike was upside down, so was my water. My first priority now, ride to the nearest water station!

I did finally make it home, 35 miles later and wow, I was tired! I think the stress of the traffic took a toll on me too. One guy got really close and scared the hell out of me and of course I got the honk too. Ugh....I think I'll stick to the canals from now on.

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